BlackBoard Mobilization Set
(BlackBoard Basic + MobilizationBars
+ Meta Trigger)


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The BlackBoard Mobilization Set is the perfect combination of our products to help regain full range of motion in your feet. The basic version of our BlackBoard offers a range of exercises that promotes mobilization. Combined with the MobilizationBars, the BlackBoard gets a higher tilt angle, which increases the mobility of your feet. As an additional support, you can use the Meta Trigger to reach the deep-lying muscles and connective tissue in the foot to release blockages. The Meta Trigger is anatomically designed to relieve tension and promote circulation, resulting in more stability and better balance. The BlackBoard Mobilization Set literally widens your base and lets you power through the day again.




Delivery includes

  • BlackBoard Basic (1x BlackBoard, 1x bar long, 2x bar short)
  • Manual (+Videos)
  • MobilizationBars (1x bar long, 2x bar short)
  • Meta Trigger
  • Storage bag


Additional information
Weight0,7 kg
Dimensions26 × 16 × 5 cm

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(BlackBoard Basic + MobilizationBars
+ Meta Trigger)”