The ToeBands by BlackBoard are the first tensile strength bands specially developed for the foot. Their design was chosen in such a way that they allow isolated training of the feet and toes. Mobilization of the joints, strengthening of the muscles and the strengthening of neural pathways, all of this can be done quickly and easily with the ToeBands. The system techniques developed by BlackBoard…

BlackBoard Bag

The practical BlackBoard bag is perfectly designed for all BlackBoard accessories. You can tell before even opening the bag. Everything fits perfectly inside when it's time to travel. Save time searching your luggage for all your BlackBars and pack everything in one bag.


Balancing on the tip specifically trains your motor skills and improves reaction speed and reflexes. You train toward a firm footing and optimized reflexes in the lower extremity. This is an ideal exercise to improve speed and performance in sports. Delivery includes 1x Performance bar long 2x Performance bar short Manual (+Videos) Storage bag


Once users have mobilized their ankles by adding the BlackBoard to their daily routine, they can move on to the next level. The BlackBar extensions are easily attached to your BlackBoard and increase mobilization through the larger tilt angle. They help to train the sensitivity, flexibility, and circulation of your feet more intensely. We recommend using extensions if you have high arches, a…