BlackBoard Pro Coach Education - LEVEL 1

Course Content

Theoretical Part:

  • Functional 3D Anatomy & Biomechanics of the Foot/Ankle
  • Introduction to the MAP System (Mobilization – Activation – Performance)
  • Theoretical repetition of typical foot deformities such as skewed-, sunken-, splayed- and hollow foot (as coherent and progressive deformities)

Practical Part:

  • Familiarizing the setup of the BlackBoard and learning the basic exercises based on methodological exercise sequences that progressively increase in complexity.
  • Practical use of the BlackBoard. The exercises will focus on the sensory system, the mobilization of the foot and ankle, and the activation of the muscles.
  • The aim of the course is to obtain enough theoretical knowledge to create individual and necessary exercises, to individualize and customize the training program for the Athlete and Patient.
  • Discussion of two case reports


BlackBoard Basic Kit, Mobilization Bars, Metatrigger
Optional: flexible foot and ankle skeleton model

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03.09.2022 (german)
24.09.2022 (english)

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