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A device that detect the complexity of our foot and ankle joint pattern so it helps you to train your foot and leg musculatur in a very effective way. The Blackboard fits to prevent of injury as well as for it´s rehabilitation. The well structured user manual and many videos make an easy use possible.

We use the BlackBoard for preventative care and rehabilitation, and are thoroughly convinced by the excellent results. It is the first training device that really accounts for the complexity of the foot and enables us to exercise all three planes of movement.
The BlackBoard can easily be integrated into the daily routine of any sports or physical therapist. Experienced manual therapists can also use the BlackBoard for functional mobility training of the foot. It’s the perfect therapy tool, and should find its way into every therapy practice and training center.
Exercising with the BlackBoard is a unique way to train the complex movement patterns of the foot. This is facilitated by an extensive set of well-designed and easy to perform exercise routines. Athletes or patients can use it to form a stable basis for almost any kind of athletic movement.
Why make things needlessly complicated? Effective training for the subtalar joint.