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Why stability in your feet

is essential...

With 26 bones each and numerous joints and ligaments, the feet are among the most complex parts of the body. They cushion steps, support the knee joints and offer stability. But the natural movement sequence is inhibited in everyday life and threatens to “rust”.

This imbalance can trigger physical problems anywhere in our body.

A healthy foot increases performance in recreational and competitive sports and also reduces the risk of injury. In order to make healthy feet and physical stability possible for people of all ages, we developed BlackBoard.

Discover BlackBoard for your feet!

BlackBoard Basic

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With the BlackBoard Basic Set you can strengthen the crucial - and often neglected - areas of your feet and thus ensure strong, pain-free feet. Get the 4-piece basic set from BlackBoard now, which is not only used every day in thousands of households, but also in German professional sports.
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BlackBoard Professional


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Discover the revolution for healthy feet and physical stability from Germany and grab the BlackBoard Professional Set now at a limited entry-level price - including a 360° workout plan for maximum training effect!
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Professional athletes worldwide use Blackboard daily

Exclusively for customers:
The BlackBoard Trainingscenter

In our training center you will find instructions and videos from instructors and experts that will help you achieve the maximum training effect.

Lars Grandjot


After becoming a physiotherapist in 2009 and moving to Cologne, I developed the BlackBoard with my business partner, Gregor, to strengthen feet. We launched BlackBoard Training for healthy, high-performance feet. Now based in Gran Canaria, I work as a physiotherapist and teach functional anatomy.

Gregor Stumpf

Sport Scientist (Dipl.)

After my sports rehab studies in 2006, I treated athletes and taught at the German Sports University. In 2015, I joined Bayer04 Leverkusen, enhancing my experience in a top-notch facility. This led to creating the BlackBoard with Lars, a tool now globally used for injury recovery and athletic enhancement.

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Armin Harrasser

Sport Scientist (M.Sc.)

For 7 years, I’ve taught therapy methods worldwide, collaborated with foot surgeon Dr. Kai Olms, and treated Olympic athletes like Galen Rupp and Dimitry Ovtcharov. Next, I’ll teach in Japan and South Korea.

We have over 3,000 satisfied customers

A few reviews about our BlackBoard products

Dr. Oliver Ludwi
Dr. Oliver Ludwig, human biologist and author of “Ganganalyse in der Praxis”
Training with the BlackBoard is an utterly unique way to work the complex variety of movements in our feet. Several wellthought-out exercise programs will guide you and are easy to follow. Athletes and patients alike achieve a stabile foundation for almost any athletic movement.
Dr. Mellany Galla
Dr. Mellany Galla, Foot and Ankle Surgeon - former President of the German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery
A training device that takes into account the complex movement patterns of the foot and ankle and is excellent for training the foot and leg muscles - both in prevention and rehabilitation. The clear usage instructions and videos make it easy for patients to use.
Dr. med. Guido Labs
Dr. med. Guido Laps, team physician TSV Bayer Dormagen Handball
Why make it complicated when it can be this simple? It’s effective training for your lower ankle joint.
Frank Offermann
Frank Offermann, physical therapist, osteopath "Deutscher Basketball Bund"
The BlackBaord can easily be integrated into a sports therapist’s or physical therapist’s daily routine. It can also help an experienced manual physical therapist with a functional foot mobilization. It’s an ideal therapeutic aid that every therapist and athlete should have.
Dr. Burak Yildirim
Dr. Burak Yildirim, team doctor Bayer 04 Leverkusen
We use the BlackBoard for prevention and rehabilitation, and the results would be enough to convince anyone. It’s the first training device that captures the complexity of your foot and let’s you workout on all three planes of motion.